Are you ready to improve your children's confidence, self-expression, compassion, teamwork and academic success?

The cultural and artistic association of the Slovenian National Theater of Kranj is opening its doors this fall for theater and film education for children.

It has been scientifically proven that this type of education improves children's:


Performing arts workshops allow children to step out of their comfort zone. When a student lets go of his inhibitions and expectations of what is "right" or "wrong," he will relax and let his or her personality shine. her inner joy - simply "will". The confidence that grows when your child performs will carry over to every corner of their life, whether it's at school, social gatherings or future job interviews.

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Some people find it harder to express their feelings in life. That is why performing arts workshops offer a healthy and controlled environment in which students explore and channel their emotions through narrative, music and movement. When they learn to express themselves through art, they learn to express themselves creatively and loudly in other situations as well.

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Seeing the world through the eyes of someone who doesn't look like them on the surface encourages kindness, thoughtfulness and non-judgment in students, allowing them to learn to respect, understand and empathize with other people, especially when portraying a character that is dramatically different from themselves . Getting to know people from different communities, countries and cultures through the arts enables students to become informed, global citizens.

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Ensemble work teaches children that each person has unique talents to bring to the table and that combining each person's insights creates a mutual success that is powerful and fosters creative growth.

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Various studies have shown that a performing arts curriculum has incredibly positive effects on a child's academic performance. A 2019 article in the journal Trends in Neuroscience and Education states that arts-related education increased students' information acquisition and general understanding of subjects. Memorizing the text of a theater or film uses the same reading comprehension skills that children use in the classroom. In addition, performing arts students use their knowledge of the social sciences as well as the natural sciences in their creation of a role. They learn persistence, creative problem solving, and the ability to focus—all great skills that will lead to success in regular classes. The skills children acquire in the performing arts will shape them into superstars on life's stage.

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is intended for two age groups:

I. Children from first to fifth grade

II. Children from sixth to ninth grade

Depending on interest, we reserve the right to split or combine age groups.


they are once a week throughout the school year and last two school hours.


40 EUR per month


We will start with relaxation, voice and movement exercises, through which children will learn to strengthen relationships with each other, respect each other and help each other. Improvisations of various events will follow, in which the children will have to use the knowledge they have acquired in school and in life in general. After that, we will tackle the analysis of dramatic texts and the construction of character and role. Finally, we will stage theater or film scenes.

At the end of the school year, children will receive a Certificate of successful completion of the course.

INSTRUCTOR Igor Korošec graduated in acting from the Russian Academy of Dramatic Arts (GITIS) in Moscow, after which he was employed in SLG Celje for a couple of years, and also played in MGL. Later, his journey took him to Los Angeles, where he continued his acting career in theater plays, television series ('Alias', 'Chuck', 'Rizzoli & Isles', 'Grimm'), films ('Good German' directed by Stevna Soderbergh, 'Charlie Wilson's War' directed by Mike Nichols), commercials, radio plays, etc. He has also taught acting at various elementary and high schools throughout Los Angeles, as well as at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Igor's acting portfolio is available at