Andrei Ivanov



The main characters of the play HALLO GROOM are two lonely women, two sisters who, despite their daily problems, have not lost their sense of humor, who know how to dream and find the strength to sympathize and understand the pain of others. Time has not hardened them.

One day they decide to change the normal course of their lives. The older sister wants to ensure the happiness of the younger one and find her a husband, but this is where everything gets complicated, because the plumber and other crooks interfere in the game. The whirlwind of events and mistakes, which rushed like an avalanche on the quiet home of the two sisters, makes them even wiser and brings a fresh wind into the established way of life.

In the funny situations in which the charming ladies and other participants of this story find themselves, the main desire for each of them is to escape from loneliness, to find warmth, happiness, kindness and understanding. And to believe again that the world is not so bad and that the best is yet to come.

man in brown coat and blue necktie
man in brown coat and blue necktie